Frenectomy in Bellevue, WA

For a select population of newborns, the tissue that attaches the lip to the jaw or tongue can restrict and limit the movement that may interfere with normal breast feeding.  Some lip-tie or tongue-tie attachment is considered normal but frenectomy is  recommended if there are any pain or difficulty associated with the feeding process.

Frenectomy typically refers to cutting the band of tissue (called the frenum) at either the top (lip-tie) or the bottom (tongue tie and/or lower lip-tie) of the mouth which helps to remove the movement restrictions and can improve the quality of life for the patient.  The actual treatment can be performed by use of laser equipment which makes the treatment and the healing after the procedure straightforward.  

Frenectomies are also performed in children who are experiencing certain speech, eating, or orthodontic problems.   Although rare, adults can benefit from the procedure if they have never address the issue.  

Dr. Nakada has been providing frenectomy for newborns, children, and adults since 2013 using a laser and worked with a lactation consultation clinic/midwives to help the community.

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