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Cosmetic Dentistry


Bellevue Premier Dental in Bellevue, WA

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A good smile is integral to your life as it boosts confidence and creates a great first impression on the people you meet. Unfortunately, with stained, decayed, or misaligned teeth, you cannot enjoy the benefits of a great smile.

That’s where our cosmetic dental services in Bellevue come in. We use a combination of science and art to correct dental decay, whiten stained teeth, or reshape misshapen teeth to give you a fantastic smile.

We use the following dental procedures to deliver the desired results:


Bellevue Premier Dental is a CARE Esthetics provider.  In addition to cosmetic treatments like Botox or Juvederm, we offer treatments that utilize PRF which is made from each patient’s own body.  It’s natural and uses each individual’s own cells to stimuate the body so it can restore collagen and help reduce the effects of aging.


Typically, most people associate Botox only for cosmetic uses : to minimize facial wrinkles and other cosmetic issues that might be of concern.

We offer Botox for both cosmetic and for addressing head and neck pain.

There are significant number of people (including myself) who suffer from headache and jaw pain, muscle soreness resulting from bruxism (grinding) or clenching. Botox works as a great tool for relaxing the muscles that are causing these issues in the head and neck. From personal experience, I can say that I have been able to significantly reduce the amount of tension headaches and jaw muscle soreness significantly since I started therapy. There are other methods like massage, physical therapy, trigger point injections, etc that can be performed to address the issues. These methods can work, but last only a few weeks at most and may require more time and cost.

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Composite Bonding

Our composite bonding procedure improves smiles by filling unsightly gaps between your teeth or minor damages like cracks, chips, and fractures. This dental cosmetic procedure not only enhances your smile but also increases your teeth’s strength.

Crown Lengthening

Do you have short or broken teeth making your smile less appealing? Dr. Nakada can trim the excess gum tissue to make your teeth appear longer and more attractive. The lengthening procedure is suitable for clients with naturally short teeth or broken teeth hidden under the gumline.

Full-mouth Restoration

With our full mouth restoration services, Dr. Nakada fixes all the blemished teeth in your mouth to restore chewing function. This dental procedure is suitable if you have a couple of missing teeth, badly worn teeth, and several decayed, cracked, or chipped teeth. We use a combination of implants, veneers, onlays, and dentures to restore your oral health.

Gum Recontouring

The gum recontouring service is for clients who feel that their gums have an awkward shape or cover too much or little of their teeth. Our dentist uses technologies like laser and radiosurgery to reshape the gums, eradicating the less-appealing gummy smile.

Minimal-Prep Veneers

If you’re familiar with porcelain veneers, then you’ll know minimal-prep veneers function just about the same. The only difference is, there’s less preparation needed for your tooth enamel with our E.max version of these veneers. It’s an option for someone not quite ready to commit to traditional porcelain veneers.

Porcelain Veneers

Our experienced, passionate dentist uses porcelain veneers to treat discolored, chipped, or smaller-than-average teeth. The veneers are great for patients with large gaps between teeth, chipped teeth, or misshapen teeth. We also use minimal Prep veneers to quickly and comfortably enhance your teeth’s shape or color without scraping off the tooth enamel.

Smile Whitening

Smile whitening eliminates stains from teeth to give you a brighter smile. This cosmetic procedure is excellent for tea lovers, smokers, or soda drinkers with stained teeth. Bellevue Premier Dental eliminates the stains using a bleaching agent, teeth whitening gel, or dental veneers to restore your confidence and self-esteem.

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Tooth Recontouring

At Bellevue Premier Dental, we don’t just deal with noticeable imperfections like crooked and worn-out teeth. But, we also deal with ignored dental issues like poorly shaped teeth. Our tooth recontouring procedure improves your smile by shaping your teeth more attractively.

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see why Our Patients Love Us

We recently switched to Dr. Nakada and are so happy that we did. He provides full dental treatment, so we don’t need to visit multiple dentists. Office staffs are always nice too. Saturday availability is a huge plus.

- Misa M.

I have serious dental issues, and I’ve been to so many dentists for years, but Dr. Nakada is the best! He is very knowledgeable and experienced, and he really cares about patients. Thanks to Dr. Nakada and Yuko-san, I had a very pleasant dentist experience.

- T. E.

Excellent care and a beautiful facility. Attention to detail and Multilingual staff Japanese and English makes it really easy for our family.

- Blade O.

A very friendly and professional dental office in Bellevue with brand new equipment. After sending by my mother for an emergency procedure there, I switched my entire family members’ dental office to this place. They also speak fluent Japanese which is a huge plus for my mother and bilingual children.

- Kay A.

Dr. Nakada is great! It’s easy to make an appointment, he’s gentle on my gums & pleasant to talk to. I recommend all my family & friends to him.

- Linda V.
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